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13 Reasons Why Season 1 on Netflix – Where Are They Now?

13 Reasons Why
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“13 Reasons Why,” a Netflix series based on Jay Asher’s novel, has left a lasting impression. Viewers connected to characters like Clay Jensen, Hannah Baker, and Jessica Davis, as the series showed the raw truth of teenage life. Now we look back at the first season, and where the cast members are now.

Dylan Minnette, who played Clay, has gone on to make waves in Hollywood. He starred in “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “The Open House.” Katherine Langford, who played Hannah, has also found success with films like “Love, Simon” and “Knives Out.”

Supporting actors Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley) and Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis) have made names for themselves too. Flynn starred in “True Detective,” and Boe in “Paradise Hills.”

“13 Reasons Why” stirred controversy due to its portrayal of tough topics. It sparked conversations about mental health and reminded us of the media’s duty to handle such issues responsibly.

Background Information About “13 Reasons Why”

13 Reasons Why
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13 Reasons Why” is a renowned TV show that delves into the complex realm of teenage emotions, bullying, and the destructive consequences of mental health.

It tells the story of Hannah Baker, a high school student who tragically takes her own life and leaves behind 13 tapes that explain why she did this.

Released on Netflix in 2017, the series has gained immense fame. It has been both praised for introducing conversations about suicide, sexual assault, and bullying, yet also critiqued for potentially glamorizing self-harm.

Throughout its four seasons, it explores various social issues relevant to teens today. It looks into drug abuse, depression, body image struggles, and LGBTQ+ identity. Its goal is to create awareness and understanding in viewers by depicting these complex experiences realistically.

The cast of “13 Reasons Why” won a lot of attention and succeeded in their careers. Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen) acted in movies like “Don’t Breathe” and “The Open House.” Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker) was also praised for her performance and appeared in films such as “Love, Simon.”

Recently, discussions have shifted to how the show handles serious topics. Mental health experts have worried about its potential to cause harm due to explicit scenes of suicide and self-harm. This has sparked talks about creating responsible content with regard to mental health representation.

Although it’s necessary to be aware of possible triggers when watching shows like “13 Reasons Why,” it’s also important not to ignore the issues they raise. By engaging with these themes thoughtfully, we can foster compassion in our communities.

If you haven’t seen “13 Reasons Why,” it’s worth watching to gain insight into the obstacles young people face. But remember to be mindful of your mental health and get help if needed.

Recap of Season 1 Plot

13 Reasons Why
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Hannah Baker’s story is unraveled in “13 Reasons Why“. She left a set of cassette tapes explaining why she took her own life. The show depicts all the trauma she endured, such as bullying, betrayal and even sexual assault.

  • We meet Hannah, a fresh student at Liberty High School.
  • Rumors spread about her after a photo leaks.
  • Her friendship with Jessica falls apart due to her secret relationship with Justin.
  • Various students’ actions contribute to Hannah’s feelings of despair and isolation.
  • The traumatic party happens where Bryce sexually assaults both Jessica and Hannah.
  • After seeking help from her counselor and her friends, she decides to end her life.

The effects of each event slowly come into view. We come across the harsh reality many young people face today – their actions can have serious consequences for others.

It is essential to approach talks regarding mental health and suicide prevention with empathy and understanding. Through creating open conversations and support networks for those who are fighting, we can create a safer space for everybody.

If you or someone you know is battling with mental health issues or thoughts of self-harm, it is essential to seek help from professionals. Reach out to helplines or local mental health organizations for guidance and resources. Do not forget that no one should have to go through this alone.

Main Characters and Their Current Projects

13 Reasons Why
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The main characters from ’13 Reasons Why’ have been busy since the show premiered on Netflix. Let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to.

Dylan Minnette, who played Clay Jensen, starred in ‘Don’t Breathe’ and ‘The Politician’. He’s proved himself as a versatile actor.

Katherine Langford, who portrayed Hannah Baker, gained recognition and went on to star in ‘Love, Simon’ and ‘Cursed’. Langford has taken on different characters and genres.

Alisha Boe, known for Jessica Davis, starred in ’68 Whiskey’ and ‘Yes, God, Yes’. She continues to show her acting skills through various projects.

Brandon Flynn’s character Justin Foley left an impact. Since then, Flynn’s worked on ‘Home Movies: The Princess Bride’ and ‘Big Time Adolescence’. His performances still captivate audiences.

Christian Navarro, who played Tony Padilla, launched a podcast – ‘Empty Inside’. He explores conversations with guests, adding another dimension to his creative pursuits.

Ross Butler, who portrayed Zach Dempsey, has been involved in several projects. He appeared in ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ and had roles in ‘Riverdale’ and ‘Shazam!’. Butler’s career is flourishing across different platforms.

The main actors have diverse and successful projects. Check out their latest endeavors. Each project allows them to explore different genres. Witness the growth and development of these talented individuals as they make waves in the entertainment industry.

Impact of “13 Reasons Why” on the Actors’ Careers

13 Reasons Why
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The Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” had a big effect on the actors’ careers. Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen) experienced huge fame after the show and starred in many acclaimed projects, like the movie “The Devil All The Time.” Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker) got a Golden Globe nod for her performance and acted in films such as “Love, Simon” and “Knives Out.”

Other cast members, Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis), Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley), and Christian Navarro (Tony Padilla), got great exposure and landed roles in TV shows and movies.

It’s clear that these actors’ skills and dedication have kept them going in the industry. As fans can’t wait for a potential season 5 of “13 Reasons Why,” this groundbreaking series has given them a lot of opportunities. To stay updated with these rising stars, keep an eye out for their upcoming projects and support them as they take their journeys beyond “13 Reasons Why.”

Fan Reactions and the Popularity of the Show

Fan Reactions and Popularity of the Show:

  • The launch of ’13 Reasons Why’ on Netflix was a massive success. Fans worldwide applauded it.
  • The show was a hit due to its thought-provoking storyline, impactful performances, and social themes.
  • Viewers related to the characters and their struggles, creating a loyal fan base.
  • Discussions about the show spread across online platforms, fueling its popularity.

Moreover, people were captivated by the gripping narrative. Conversations about the societal issues depicted in the series started up.

Furthermore, Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford became famous for their roles in ’13 Reasons Why.’ Overnight, they were household names. Fans followed their careers closely, which contributed to the show’s popularity.

In addition to its effect on audiences, ’13 Reasons Why’ also caused debates among critics and experts. Some praised the frank portrayal of topics, while others were worried about its potential to glamorize suicide. Nonetheless, these arguments added to the show’s appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Dylan Minnette now?

Dylan Minnette has been keeping busy after his role in ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 1. He has appeared in other successful TV shows and movies, such as ‘Prisoners,’ ‘Don’t Breathe,’ and ‘The Open House.’

What happened to Katherine Langford?

Katherine Langford gained critical acclaim for her portrayal of Hannah Baker in ’13 Reasons Why.’ After the show, she starred in other projects like ‘Love, Simon’ and ‘Knives Out.’

Is Christian Navarro still acting?

Yes, Christian Navarro has continued pursuing acting opportunities. He acted in the TV series ‘Vinyl’ and can be seen in the TV show ‘Grand Army.’

Where can I see Alisha Boe now?

Alisha Boe has appeared in various projects since her role in ’13 Reasons Why.’ She has been seen in TV series like ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Ray Donovan.’

What is Brandon Flynn doing now?

Brandon Flynn has been actively pursuing his acting career. He has appeared in TV series such as ‘True Detective’ and ‘Ratched.’

Did Miles Heizer continue acting?

Yes, Miles Heizer has continued his acting career. He appeared in the TV series ‘Parenthood’ and is currently starring in the show ‘Grace and Frankie.’


The ‘13 Reasons Why‘ cast has come a long way since season one. Every actor’s story is different, but they all have the same experience of being part of a show that started important conversations about mental health and teen issues.

From Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker) to Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen), the cast has taken on many projects. Some have done other TV shows and films. Others have explored avenues such as music and theater.

The cast is also using their platforms to support causes they care about. Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis) shares her story of sexual assault and is an advocate for survivors. Brandon Flynn talks about LGBTQ+ rights and mental health.

Though ’13 Reasons Why’ has finished, it’s still having an impact. It reminded us of the importance of talking about mental health, bullying and consent. It also showed us the power we have to make a difference in somebody else’s life.

One woman was inspired by the show to reach out to an old friend who was struggling with their mental health. To her surprise, her friend responded positively. They reconnected and supported each other through difficult times.