Dated and Related

Dated and Related on Netflix – Where Are They Now?

Dated and Related

Netflix’s Dated and Related is a unique dating reality series that premiered in September 2022. The show follows nine pairs of siblings as they navigate their love lives while living in a luxurious villa in the South of France. Each cast member has a sibling who has joined them in the journey to find love. The show quickly gained a following for its entertaining plot, relatable cast, and stunning location.

Since the show wrapped up, fans have been curious about the cast’s current status. Who found love, and who is still single? What are they up to now? This article will provide updates on the key cast members and behind-the-scenes details of the show. It will also explore the challenges and prizes that the cast members faced and what they received after the show ended.

Key Takeaways

  • Dated and Related is a unique dating reality series that follows nine pairs of siblings as they navigate their love lives while living in a luxurious villa in the South of France.
  • Fans have been curious about the cast’s current status since the show wrapped up. This article provides updates on the key cast members and behind-the-scenes details of the show.
  • The article also explores the challenges and prizes that the cast members faced and what they received after the show ended.

The Concept of ‘Dated & Related’

Dated and Related

‘Dated & Related’ is a reality dating show that premiered on Netflix in September 2022. The show follows nine pairs of siblings, all of whom are single and looking for love, as they navigate their way through a luxurious villa in the South of France. The concept of the show is unique in that it features double dates, with each participant’s sibling joining them on their romantic journey.

The show’s format is simple: each week, the siblings are paired up with a new date, and they must decide whether they want to pursue a relationship with that person. The twist is that the siblings also have a say in their brother or sister’s love life, and they can choose to veto a potential partner if they don’t think they’re a good fit.

The show features a diverse cast of participants, including identical twins, brothers, and sisters. The siblings come from all walks of life, with different personalities, backgrounds, and dating histories. The show’s producers have made a conscious effort to cast a wide range of people, with the aim of appealing to a broad audience.

One of the unique aspects of ‘Dated & Related’ is the way it explores the dynamics between siblings. The show offers a fascinating insight into the relationships between brothers and sisters, and how they can both support and hinder each other’s romantic pursuits. The show also highlights the importance of communication, as the siblings must learn to navigate their way through potentially awkward and uncomfortable situations.

Overall, ‘Dated & Related’ is a fresh and entertaining addition to Netflix’s reality TV lineup. With its unique concept, diverse cast, and stunning location, it’s easy to see why the show has become a hit with viewers.

Dated and Related Key Cast Members

Dated and Related

The Bishop Brothers

Kaz and Kieran Bishop are twin brothers from England who were part of the cast of Dated and Related on Netflix. They were inseparable, which made going on dates in the villa quite challenging. Kaz likes to play on the field, while Kieran wants to plant his flag. They both had their own strategies for finding love, but did they succeed?

After the show, Kaz and Kieran remained close, but they did not find lasting love on the show. They are both active on social media and have a significant following.

The Roppo Twins

Joey and Corrina Roppo are twins from New Jersey who were also part of the cast of Dated and Related on Netflix. Joey is an outgoing and confident guy who is not afraid to speak his mind, while Corrina is more reserved and introspective. They both had their own unique approach to finding love on the show.

After the show, Joey and Corrina both remained single, but they have stayed close to each other. They have also continued to pursue their careers and interests outside of the show.

The Parsijani Sisters

Diana and Nina Parsijani are sisters from Los Angeles who were part of the cast of Dated and Related on Netflix. Diana is outgoing and adventurous, while Nina is more reserved and thoughtful. They both had their own unique approach to finding love on the show.

After the show, Diana and Nina both remained single, but they have stayed close to each other. They have also continued to pursue their careers and interests outside of the show.

Overall, the cast of Dated and Related on Netflix had a unique and exciting journey in their search for love. While some cast members found lasting connections, others remained single. Nevertheless, they all formed close bonds with each other and had a memorable experience on the show.

Behind the Scenes

Dated and Related

Dated and Related is a reality TV show that has taken the world by storm. The show follows single siblings as they search for love while living in a luxurious villa. However, what goes on behind the scenes is just as interesting as what is seen on screen.

The show’s production team has shared some behind-the-scenes content, including exclusive interviews with the cast members. These interviews provide a glimpse into the cast’s personal lives and their journey on the show.

The production team has also shared some insights into the making of the show. They have revealed that the show was filmed over a period of several weeks in a luxurious villa in an exotic location. The set was designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for the cast members.

The show’s production team has also revealed that the cast members were provided with a range of activities to keep them entertained during their downtime. These activities included swimming, sunbathing, and exploring the local area.

The entertainment industry has been buzzing with excitement about Dated and Related. The show has been praised for its unique format and its ability to capture the essence of modern dating. The show’s success has also led to speculation about a potential second season.

Overall, the behind-the-scenes content for Dated and Related provides a fascinating insight into the making of the show. The show’s production team has done an excellent job of creating a captivating and entertaining series that has captivated audiences around the world.

Dated and Related Location and Setting

Dated and Related

Dated and Related is a dating reality show on Netflix that features sibling duos embarking on a journey to find love while helping each other along the way. The show is set in a luxurious villa located in the South of France, specifically in Cannes, a picturesque town on the French Riviera.

The villa, named Villa Julia, is a sprawling 15-bedroom mansion at 953 Chem. des Collines. The property is heavily featured throughout the show, serving as the main setting for the contestants’ romantic escapades. The villa is surrounded by lush gardens, a swimming pool, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, adding to the show’s romantic ambiance.

The choice of location is not random, as the host of Dated and Related, Melinda Berry, reminds viewers in the first episode that France is “the most romantic country in the world.” The show’s setting in the South of France adds to its romantic appeal, with its beautiful architecture, stunning coastlines, and vibrant culture.

The villa’s luxurious interiors are also worth noting, with its spacious living areas, elegant furnishings, and modern amenities. The contestants’ living quarters are also comfortable and stylishly designed, with each duo having their own private bedroom and bathroom.

Overall, the setting and location of Dated and Related add to the show’s romantic and luxurious appeal. The South of France provides a stunning backdrop for the contestants’ romantic adventures, while the villa’s luxurious interiors provide a comfortable and stylish living space for the contestants.

Social Media Presence

The cast of Dated and Related on Netflix has a strong presence on social media, especially on Instagram and TikTok. Fans of the show can follow their favorite cast members and keep up with their daily lives and relationships.

Many of the cast members regularly post updates and behind-the-scenes moments from the show on their Instagram accounts. Some cast members also use Instagram to promote their personal brands and businesses. For example, Ana Blumenkron, who appeared on the show with her brother, has a popular Instagram account where she shares her fashion and lifestyle content.

TikTok is also a popular platform for the cast members to showcase their personalities and humor. Some cast members have even created TikTok accounts together, where they post funny skits and challenges.

Overall, the Dated and Related cast members have a strong presence on social media, allowing fans to stay connected with their favorite reality stars and follow their post-show journeys.

Dated and Related Love and Relationships

Dated and Related on Netflix was a show that followed 9 pairs of siblings as they navigated their love lives. The show was all about finding love and forming relationships. The contestants were all looking for their soulmates and the show provided them with a platform to do so.

Throughout the show, the contestants went on dates with each other, participated in activities, and formed connections. Some of the couples hit it off right away and formed strong relationships, while others struggled to find a connection.

The show highlighted the ups and downs of relationships, including heartbreak. Some contestants found themselves heartbroken when their relationships didn’t work out, while others were able to find love and form lasting connections.

Overall, the show was a great way to showcase the complexities of love and relationships. It demonstrated that finding love is not always easy, but it is possible with the right mindset and approach. The contestants on the show were able to learn a lot about themselves and what they were looking for in a partner, which is an important part of the journey towards finding love.

Challenges and Prizes

Throughout the 10-episode show, Dated and Related contestants faced various challenges to test their compatibility and strengthen their bond. These challenges ranged from cooking together to dancing in sync. The challenges were designed to bring the couples closer and help them understand each other better.

The contestants were also competing for a grand prize of $100,000. However, in a surprising twist, the prize money was given to the best couple, not the best wingman or wingwoman sibling pair. The winner of the prize money was revealed in the final episode of the show.

To make the competition more interesting, several mini-challenges were also introduced throughout the show. The winner of each challenge received a prize of $100. These mini-challenges were designed to test the contestants’ skills and creativity.

The finalist couples faced their biggest challenge in the finale, where they had to decide whether to split the prize money or keep it for themselves. This decision was not an easy one, as it tested the couples’ trust and commitment to each other.

Overall, the challenges and prizes added an extra layer of excitement and competitiveness to the show. The contestants had to work hard to win the prize money, and the challenges helped them develop a stronger connection with their partner.

Dated and Related Post Show Updates

Since the conclusion of the first season of Dated and Related on Netflix, fans have been eager to know what has happened to their favorite cast members. Fortunately, there have been several updates on the current status of the participants.

It appears that most of the cast members are still in relationships with their partners from the show. The Cohen/Hahn cousins, for example, are still going strong and have been seen traveling together. Meanwhile, the Roppos and the Perfettos have also been traveling and spending time together, suggesting that they are still happily together.

As for the single cast members, there have been no reports of any new relationships or dating prospects. However, some have been focusing on other areas of their lives. Ana Blumenkron, for instance, has been working on her music career and recently released a new album.

In terms of streaming, the show has been a hit on Netflix, with many fans eagerly awaiting news of a second season. While there have been no official announcements yet, there are rumors that a second season is in the works.

Overall, it seems that the cast members of Dated and Related have been doing well since the show’s conclusion. Whether they are traveling, making music, or still with their partners, they are all moving forward with their lives.

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“Too Hot to Handle” is a dating show that premiered on Netflix in 2020. In this show, a group of singles are brought together on a tropical island and are forbidden from engaging in any sexual activity. The contestants must form emotional connections with each other instead. Like “Dated and Related,” “Too Hot to Handle” focuses on the emotional and psychological aspects of relationships.


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TV Shows

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Overall, Netflix has a wide range of shows and movies that explore the complexities of relationships and dating. Viewers who enjoyed “Dated and Related” might find other Netflix shows and movies that they enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Daniel and Nina still together?

As of August 2023, it is unclear whether Daniel and Nina are still together. The couple had a strong connection on the show, but their relationship status has not been confirmed since the show ended.

What happened to Kaz and Diana?

Kaz and Diana had a brief fling on the show, but ultimately decided not to pursue a relationship. It is unknown whether they have stayed in touch since the show ended.

Which couple lasted from Dated and Related?

The show did not result in any lasting couples, as most of the contestants decided not to pursue relationships with each other after the show ended.

Are Nanda and Thiago still together?

There is no information available about the current relationship status of Nanda and Thiago. It is unclear whether they are still together or not.

Who are the sisters from Dated and Related?

The sisters from Dated and Related are Ana and Kitty Blumenkron. They both appeared on the show as contestants, but did not find lasting relationships with any of the other contestants.

Dated and Related: any updates on Kieran and Alara?

As of August 2023, there are no updates available on the current status of Kieran and Alara’s relationship. It is unclear whether they are still in contact or have pursued relationships with other people since the show ended.


Dated and Related on Netflix has been an interesting reality show that has kept viewers glued to their screens. The show follows three sets of siblings who go on blind dates with other siblings in the hopes of finding love. The show has been a hit with viewers, who have been eager to find out where the couples are now.

From the search results, it is clear that some of the couples are still together while others have gone their separate ways. The Perfettos, the Roppos, and the Cohen/Hahn cousins have been traveling all over the country to see each other, which shows that siblings who date together, stay together. Daniel and Nina are one of the three remaining couples on the show, and they have been leaving flirty comments on each other’s photos.

It is interesting to note that some of the contestants remained friends even after the show ended. Nina has also stayed in contact with Kieran, who she was pictured with just days ago at a Sundown UK event. She was with Kieran from day one but changed her mind to Daniel when he approached her.

Overall, Dated and Related has been an entertaining show that has given viewers a glimpse into the world of blind dating. While some of the couples have found love, others have not been as lucky. However, the show has brought people together and has shown that even if you don’t find love, you can still make lasting friendships.