Diablero Season 1 on Netflix – Where Are They Now?

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Diablero Season 1 takes viewers on a thrilling adventure through the supernatural underworld. Father Ramiro Ventura, a demon hunter, teams up with Nancy Gama, Elvis Infante (a superhero), and Keta Santos (an occult bookstore owner) to battle evil forces in Mexico City. This horror series explores themes of good vs. evil, with elements of horror, drama, and mystery.

The show offers a unique glimpse into Mexican folklore and mythology. Creatures such as fallen angels, witches and shape-shifting demons are featured, adding depth to the story. It’s an enthralling viewing experience!

Diablero Season 1 has an interesting mix of characters. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, creating an engaging ensemble cast. To get the full experience, try watching with subtitles or the original Spanish audio track with English subtitles.

Look out for subtle hints and foreshadowing too. Symbolic imagery, cryptic dialogue and clues throughout each scene will keep you guessing. Diablero Season 1 is not to be missed!

Main Characters of Diablero Season 1

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In the dark and thrilling world of “Diablero Season 1”, several captivating characters take the spotlight. Elvis Infante, a diablero (demon hunter) played by Horacio Garcia Rojas, understands the supernatural world. But, he has personal demons.

Fátima Molina’s Nancy Gama is an independent and courageous young woman who joins Elvis. With her intellect and determination, she is a great ally. Keta (Dolores Heredia) is a powerful witch who helps them. Isaac (Christopher Von Uckermann) is a fallen priest with a mysterious past.

The compelling storyline, talented cast, and stunning visuals make for an immersive viewing experience. Netflix data shows that “Diablero Season 1” has millions of views worldwide, making it one of their most successful original series. Fans eagerly await future seasons.

Where Are They Now? – Updates on the Cast

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The stars of Netflix’s Diablero Season 1 have been making waves beyond the show. Here’s where they’re at now!

  • Juan Carlos Olivas (Elvis Infante): Still enthralling viewers with his acting prowess. He’s taken on roles in other TV series and films.
  • Horacio García Rojas (El Indio): This versatile actor is appearing in films and theater projects.
  • Fátima Molina (Nancy Gama): Fátima’s been busy with Mexican and international productions.
  • Christopher von Uckermann (Father Ramiro Ventura): After Diablero, Christopher resumed his music career and released new songs.

What’s more, these actors have become popular on social media. Their charisma on screen has drawn in a devoted fan base keen to keep up with their latest projects.

The “Where Are They Now?” feature has become an internet phenomenon. Fans of a show want to know what the stars are doing after the show ends. It gives them a connection and keeps ’em interested.

Fan Reactions and Reviews of Diablero Season 1

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Viewers are highly praising Diablero Season 1 for its intense and captivating storyline. Keeping them on the edge of their seats! The cast members’ performances are widely appreciated, adding to the engagement with the series.

Audiences have admired the visuals and special effects, enhancing their viewing experience. Plus, the diverse characters and their relationships have strongly resonated with fans – fostering a strong emotional connection.

The supernatural elements blended with Mexican folklore have resulted in a unique narrative that many viewers commended. Fans have been eagerly discussing and dissecting each episode on online platforms.

They eagerly anticipate future seasons and speculate about potential plot twists. This series has created a dedicated fanbase that is vocal about their love for the show.

In addition, Diablero Season 1 has positive reviews from critics. Variety praised the gripping storytelling and impressive production values.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Elvis Infante after the events of Season 1?

After Season 1, Elvis Infante continued to battle demons and protect humanity. He became a valuable asset to the Vatican’s fight against supernatural forces.

Did Nancy Gama survive the events of Season 1?

Unfortunately, Nancy Gama did not survive Season 1. Her sacrifice helped save the world from an impending demonic invasion.

Is Elvis Infante still the Diablero?

Yes, Elvis Infante retained his role as the Diablero in Season 1. His unique abilities and knowledge of the supernatural made him an essential part of the team.

Has Keta returned to her old life after Season 1?

No, Keta did not return to her old life after Season 1. She continued to assist Elvis and the team, using her skills as a brusher to uncover hidden demonic threats.

What happened to the demon Azazel after Season 1?

At the end of Season 1, the demon Azazel was defeated and banished to another realm. The team successfully sealed the portal, preventing his return.

Did Father Ramiro Ventura continue his fight against evil?

Yes, Father Ramiro Ventura continued fighting evil after Season 1. His experiences with the Diableros strengthened his resolve to protect humanity from supernatural threats.


The entertainment world is always exciting. So, let’s dive into ‘Diablero Season 1’ and see what happened to its captivating cast.

Though the show was a success, there’s been no confirmation of a renewal for a second season.

Still, the talented actors involved are worth mentioning. Christopher Von Uckermann (Father Ramiro Ventura) has since explored different genres. And Horacio Garcia Rojas (Elvis Infante) has been involved in other successful projects.

Gisselle Kuri (Nancy Gama) also deserves a mention. Her performance showcased her range as an actress.

For more action-packed supernatural adventures, try shows like “Lucifer” and “Stranger Things.” They offer intricate storytelling and compelling performances.