Elite Season 1 on Netflix – Where Are They Now?

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Elite Season 1 on Netflix was a huge hit! Let’s take a look at what our favorite cast members are up to now.

Back in 2018, Elite took the world by storm. It was praised for its gripping plotlines and brilliant performances. We were curious to know what would become of the talented actors when the cameras stopped rolling.

Today, many of the cast members have achieved great success. They’ve landed prominent roles in TV shows and movies, proving their talent isn’t limited to one series. Some have taken up stage acting or embarked on new projects behind the scenes.

María Pedraza, who played Marina Nunier Osuna, is a star in Spain. She’s starred in Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) and earned critical acclaim.

Miguel Herrán also made the jump from Elite Season 1 to Money Heist. His acting has made him a sought-after talent both in Spain and internationally.

These success stories show the potential of the cast of Elite Season 1. Their characters had challenges in Las Encinas, but the actors have conquered any role that comes their way.

Overview of Elite Season 1 on Netflix

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Elite Season 1 on Netflix has it all! Curiosity, mystery, and drama from start to finish. It explores the class divide, love, and mystery while introducing viewers to a diverse cast of characters.

Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), a kind-hearted student from a low-income background, finds himself tangled in a love triangle. Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau), a privileged student dealing with grief, forms an unexpected connection with Nadia (Mina El Hammani). Polo (Álvaro Rico) holds dark secrets that could destroy everything.

Marina (Mara Pedraza) gets involved with Samuel and Polo, adding to the intensity of the competition among classmates. Pressure mounts as they strive to keep up appearances.

Don’t miss out on all the suspense Elite Season 1 has to offer! Viewers are captivated by this series. Stellar performances and compelling storylines make it an unforgettable journey. So get the popcorn ready for your weekend binge-watching session!

Where Are They Now? – Main Cast Members

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The cast of Elite Season 1 on Netflix brought their characters to life. What have they been up to since? Let’s find out!

Maria Pedraza, who played Marina, has taken on diverse roles. She acted in Spanish films like “Amar” and “Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island?”

Miguel Herrán, the beloved Christian, later starred in “Money Heist.” His portrayal of Rio was a hit.

Ester Expósito (Carla) has stayed busy. She acted in Spanish shows like “Someone Has to Die.”

Alvaro Rico (Polo) has been involved in Spanish projects, including films like “The Secret Society of the Second-Born Royals.”

Arón Piper’s character, Samuel, intrigued audiences. He continues to pursue acting and music.

It’s fascinating that the main cast of Elite Season 1 had little experience before joining the show. Despite this, they delivered captivating performances. Their talent propelled them into successful careers.

Where Are They Now? – Supporting Cast Members

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The supporting cast of Elite Season 1 on Netflix has taken varied paths since their time on the popular show. From film and TV to other artistic projects, they have shown their versatility and skill.

Many have continued to progress in the entertainment industry, getting parts in prominent productions and gaining a loyal fan base. Others have chosen to explore different creative outlets, like writing and producing their own works. In any case, each cast member is still succeeding.

Furthermore, quite a few are involved in philanthropy or promote causes that match their passions. They’ve used their platform to highlight social issues and make a difference in society.

When looking back on the journey of these supporting cast members, one can see the effect they had on Elite Season 1 and how it opened doors for them. It’s amazing to witness their growth and success post-show.

All in all, it’s clear that the cast of Elite Season 1 has taken on new challenges and made great strides in their careers. This proves the vast talent within the entertainment industry. As fans await future seasons of Elite, we’ll be interested to see what comes next for these individuals in their artistic pursuits.

Impact of Elite Season 1 on the Cast’s Careers

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Elite Season 1 on Netflix had a big influence on the cast’s professions. The actors gained fame and possibilities for other projects. They showed their skill and flexibility, having a lasting effect on both viewers and industry insiders.

The cast of Elite got roles in other well-known TV shows and films thanks to the success of Season 1. Their performance in Elite displayed their capacity to interest people and manage intricate characters. This increased demand for their talent, leading to new career chances.

Moreover, Elite Season 1 let the cast feature their range as actors. They were able to act as diverse characters with subtlety and insight. This helped them become versatile performers in the entertainment industry and opened up doors to more complex and diverse roles.

Furthermore, the success of Elite Season 1 attracted attention from international viewers. The show was popular across borders, allowing the cast to get a worldwide fan base. This international exposure helped their careers and established them as rising stars in the industry.

Fan Reactions and Memorable Moments from Elite Season 1

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The first season of Elite captivated viewers with its gripping plot and unforgettable moments. Unexpected twists and turns, as well as the chemistry between characters, brought the story to life. Marina’s murder and the investigation that followed kept fans on the edge of their seats. The show also explored important social issues such as class disparity and sexuality.

In addition to the riveting plot, Elite Season 1 boasted stunning cinematography and an impressive ensemble cast. Each performance was powerful and nuanced, adding depth to the characters.

One fan shared a touching story about how the show helped them come to terms with their own identity. Seeing diverse characters openly embrace their sexuality gave them the courage to accept themselves. This demonstrates the impactful storytelling of Elite Season 1.

The show left a lasting impression on viewers – from its compelling narrative to its talented cast. It resonated with fans on an emotional level, leaving an indelible mark on hearts everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Marina in Elite Season 1?

Marina, played by María Pedraza, met a tragic end in Elite Season 1. She was killed by Polo after he found out about her affair with Samuel.

Did Nano go to jail in Elite Season 1?

Yes, Nano, played by Jaime Lorente, went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. He was wrongfully accused of Marina’s murder but later released due to lack of evidence.

What happened to Samuel and Carla’s relationship in Elite Season 1?

Samuel and Carla’s relationship faced numerous challenges throughout the season. They were involved in a complicated love triangle with Marina and faced betrayal and secrets that ultimately strained their relationship.

Did Guzmán and Nadia end up together in Elite Season 1?

Guzmán, played by Miguel Bernardeau, had romantic feelings for Nadia, but she chose to focus on her studies and remain friends. They didn’t end up together in Season 1, but their story continues in subsequent seasons.

What happened to Christian in Elite Season 1?

Christian, played by Miguel Herrán, faced various challenges in Season 1. He struggled with his financial situation, got involved in illegal activities, and had a complicated relationship with Polo and Carla.

Where is Polo in Elite Season 1?

Polo, played by Álvaro Rico, is a central character in Elite Season 1. He is part of the elite group at Las Encinas and plays a significant role in the events leading up to Marina’s death.


In a world of unpredictability, it’s nice to dive into the lives of fictional characters. Netflix’s Elite Season 1 gave us a peek into the glamorous and hazardous Las Encinas, leaving us wanting more. Let’s take a second to reflect on what happened after and check in with our favorite actors.

The cast presented us with complex personalities that connected with people around the world. Samuel fighting for justice, Guzmán battling his inner demons – we were mesmerized by their performances. What paths did the actors take after the show?

After the triumph of Elite Season 1, many of the cast members moved on to new projects. María Pedraza (Marina) was as charming as Alison Parker in Money Heist. Ester Expósito (Carla) showed off her acting range in Someone Has To Die. Andres Velencoso (Valerio) explored fashion. Miguel Herrán (Christian) continued his career with La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) and The Warning. These actors have not only had success but also stayed true to their art.

We’re saying goodbye to Las Encinas and its inhabitants. We can’t help but be amazed by the power of TV. Elite Season 1 is over, but its legacy will live on through the cast’s accomplishments.