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Glow Up on Netflix – Where Are They Now?

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Netflix is a streaming giant with many shows and movies. One of these, ‘Glow Up’, is a popular reality competition show that takes makeup artistry to the next level. But what do the contestants do after the cameras stop? Let’s explore!

Florence Given is known for her bold and empowering looks on the show. Now, she has her own brand and is an influential figure in the beauty world. She has collaborated with big brands and has a huge following.

Alex Box captivated viewers and judges with her avant-garde style. She continues to experiment and has been featured in magazines and exhibitions. She is an innovator in makeup artistry.

Asma Nawazish faced difficulties after ‘Glow Up’ but used them as motivation to continue pursuing her passion. She now has a successful salon and mentors aspiring artists.

These contestants are proof of the transformative power of the show. Through creativity and talent, they have made their mark in the beauty industry. ‘Glow Up’ is just the start of an exciting career for these talented individuals.

Overview of the Show “Glow Up on Netflix”

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“Glow Up on Netflix” is a wild ride of creativity and competition. Aspiring makeup artists embark on a journey to showcase their skills and passion for beauty. Each episode brings a new challenge, pushing participants to their artistic limits. From Avant-garde looks to HD looks, they strive for the ultimate prize!

The show provides a platform for them to display their innovation and expertise in real-time. From complex special effects creations to flawless editorial looks – nothing is left untouched in their pursuit of perfection. Skilled mentors guide them, offering invaluable advice from years of experience in the industry.

What makes “Glow Up on Netflix” unique is its commitment to showcasing a range of perspectives in makeup artistry. Inclusivity is key, with contestants coming from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. This adds depth and promotes conversations around representation and individuality within the beauty industry.

Originating in the UK, “Glow Up on Netflix” quickly gained popularity. Its success led to global recognition, and it is now available for viewing pleasure on Netflix internationally.

Highlights of Past Contestants and Their Journey on the Show

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Contestants on the show have had inspiring success stories! Let’s look at some of the most memorable journeys and achievements.

Emily used the show to boost her music career. With her unique style and captivating shows, she soon gained a fan base, released chart-topping singles, and won awards!

Michael enthralled audiences with his breathtaking dance routines. He earned high praise from judges and viewers. Today, he works with big names in entertainment as a sought-after choreographer.

Sarah showcased innovative designs & craftsmanship. Her eye for detail & adaptability made her a strong contender. She now runs a successful fashion label and showcases at major events.

Jason was stunned with his culinary creations. After the show, he opened a popular restaurant.

And Rebecca’s raw talent and genuine performances captured hearts. She now stars in TV shows and movies.

Impact of the Show on the Beauty Industry

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‘Glow Up’ has had a major effect on the beauty business, changing it in numerous ways. It reveals the skill and inventiveness of makeup artists, motivating many upcoming artists to take after their enthusiasm and aptitudes. It accentuates the significance of range and representation in beauty, demonstrating a wide scope of skin tones, ethnicities, and styles.

This show has added to the ascent of new beauty patterns and strategies, with competitors testing limits and experimenting with creative looks. It likewise gives viewers an understanding of the expert universe of makeup artistry, featuring the work that goes into making these glamorous looks. Through difficulties and feedback from industry specialists, ‘Glow Up’ helps viewers comprehend the standards and desires within the beauty industry.

The achievement stories of past contestants have energized more individuals to investigate professions in makeup artistry, prompting an expansion in interest and openings. Furthermore, ‘Glow Up’ has triggered conversations around inclusivity and representation in the beauty industry. This expanded mindfulness has urged brands to broaden their shade ranges and create more comprehensive campaigns.

Abi Adeosun’s journey is a genuine instance of ‘Glow Up’s’ impact. After competing on the show, she proceeded to turn into a fruitful freelance makeup artist, working with superstars at red-carpet events. Her story encourages others who seek to leave their mark in the beauty industry.

Fan Reactions and Popularity of the Show

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The show Glow Up has achieved a lot of success. Fans admire its artistic nature, with its unique format featuring industry professionals as judges. Social media platforms are full of discussions about favorite contestants, memorable looks, and predictions for the winner. Plus, the diversity represented on the show is praised by viewers. This has led to an increase in interest in makeup tutorials and beauty products featured.

Moreover, Glow Up has gone beyond its entertainment value. It emphasizes determination and perseverance which resonates with viewers. To further fan engagement and sustain popularity, creating merchandise related to Glow Up can help. Such items can include limited edition artwork prints, themed makeup palettes inspired by standout looks from the show, or clothing items representing iconic quotes.

Organizing virtual meet-ups or live Q&A sessions with past contestants can further nurture fan connections. This interaction allows fans to feel connected and get insights into their journey after Glow Up.

Additionally, Netflix can ensure ongoing success by actively incorporating fan suggestions and feedback into future seasons. This may include introducing new challenges based on audience polls or inviting guest judges suggested by viewers. By valuing fan opinions and involving them in decision-making processes, Netflix cultivates a loyal community around Glow Up.

Critiques and Controversies Surrounding the Show

Viewers have questioned the show’s diversity, judging criteria, societal pressures, and lack of transparency. It has become obvious that these issues reflect a larger talk about body image, inclusivity, and media representation.

The production teams have already taken steps to create change. They’ve changed their casting methods to include more diversity. Moreover, they are discussing with industry experts to form clearer judging criteria. These steps show that they are aware of their mistakes and are willing to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glow Up on Netflix?

Glow Up is a reality competition show on Netflix that aims to find the next big name in makeup artistry. Contestants compete in various challenges to showcase their skills and creativity.

Where can I watch Glow Up?

Glow Up is exclusively available for streaming on Netflix. You can watch all the seasons and episodes of the show on the Netflix platform.

Is Glow Up still on Netflix?

Yes, Glow Up is still available on Netflix. You can binge-watch all the seasons and catch up with the contestants’ journeys and transformations on the streaming platform.

Where are the winners of Glow Up now?

The winners of Glow Up have gone on to pursue successful careers in the makeup industry. They have worked with top brands and celebrities and have become sought-after professionals in the field.

Are there any spin-offs or related shows to Glow Up?

Yes, Glow Up has a spin-off series called “Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star” which focuses on discovering talented artists specifically from the UK. It follows a similar format to the original show.

Will there be a new season of Glow Up?

Netflix has not officially announced a new season of Glow Up. However, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on Netflix’s announcements and social media for updates on potential new seasons or related content.


After ‘Glow Up’ on Netflix, many ask: what happened to the talented contestants? It’s clear – their journeys didn’t end with the finale! Let’s take a closer look at their progress – prepare to be amazed!

The beauty industry has seen these artists thrive. They used the skills and knowledge from ‘Glow Up’ to carve out paths for themselves. They’ve launched their own beauty brands, collaborated with famous makeup artists, and made a huge mark on the industry.

Plus, these contestants have also found success outside of makeup artistry. They’ve gone into photography and fashion design, and they’ve even used their platform to support important causes. Their ambition is inspiring to aspiring artists!

Take Maria Herrera from Season 2, for example. After the show, she became a successful makeup artist for A-list celebrities on red carpets. Her ability to make natural beauty shine made her a sought-after artist!