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One of Us Netflix – Where Are They Now?

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One of Us is a 2017 Netflix documentary that tells the story of three ex-Hasidic Jews from Brooklyn who left their community due to the strict religious rules and isolation from the outside world.

Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady directed the film, which received critical acclaim and garnered praise for its honest portrayal of the challenges faced by individuals who leave the ultra-Orthodox community.

Since its release, viewers have been curious about the lives of the main characters featured in the documentary and what they are doing now. The film’s subjects, Etty, Ari, and Luzer, opened up about their experiences and struggles. This includes the trauma of leaving their families and communities behind.

The documentary shed light on the psychological and emotional toll of leaving a tight-knit religious community. As well as the difficulties of adjusting to life outside of it.

In this article, we will explore where the main characters of One of Us are today and how their lives have changed since the documentary’s release. We will also examine the impact of the film on the ex-Hasidic community and the documentary industry as a whole.

One Of Us Netflix – Origins

Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, known for their work on the documentary film Jesus Camp, directed One Of Us, a documentary film released on Netflix in 2017. One Of Us explores the lives of three individuals who have left the Hasidic community in Brooklyn, New York.

The film provides an intimate look into the lives of these individuals as they attempt to break free from the rigid expectations and pervasive misogyny of the Hasidic Jewish community. It also sheds light on the challenges that they face as they try to assimilate into mainstream society.

One Of Us was well received by audiences and critics alike. Many praising the filmmakers for their sensitive and nuanced approach to the subject matter. The film was also praised for its cinematography and editing, which helped to create a compelling and emotional narrative.

Overall, One Of Us is an important and thought-provoking film that explores the complexities of leaving a tight-knit community and forging a new path in life. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in the human experience. As well as the challenges that individuals face when trying to break free from societal norms.

Main Characters Today

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Ari’s Journey

Ari Hershkowitz, one of the main characters in “One of Us,” has come a long way since leaving the Hasidic community. Today, he is an advocate for those who have left ultra-Orthodox Judaism. And he works to help others who are struggling with the same issues he faced.

After leaving the community, Ari went through a period of intense anxiety and struggled to find a sense of belonging. He eventually found solace in a support group for those who have left ultra-Orthodox communities. He was able to connect with others who understood his experiences.

In addition to his advocacy work, Ari has also pursued education outside of the Hasidic community. He earned a degree in social work and is currently working on a master’s degree in public health.

Etty’s Life Now

Etty Ausch, another main character in “One of Us,” has also made significant strides since leaving the Hasidic community. After coming out as a lesbian, she faced rejection from her family and community. But she has since found a new sense of community and support.

Today, Etty is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and works to help others who are struggling with similar issues. She has also found love and is in a happy relationship.

Although she has faced challenges, Etty has found a sense of peace and fulfillment in her new life. She continues to inspire others with her courage and resilience.

Overall, both Ari and Etty have made significant progress since leaving the Hasidic community. While they still face challenges, they have found new communities and support systems that have helped them navigate their new lives with confidence and trust.

Ex-Hasidic Community

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The Role of Footsteps

Footsteps is a non-profit organization that provides support and resources to individuals who have left ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities. It was founded in 2003 by a group of ex-Hasidic Jews who wanted to help others navigate the challenges of leaving their communities. Footsteps offers a range of services, including social events, educational workshops, and counseling.

Many ex-Hasidic Jews credit Footsteps with helping them through the difficult process of leaving their communities. The organization provides a sense of community and belonging that can be hard to find outside of the ultra-Orthodox world. It also offers practical support, such as help with finding housing, employment, and education.

Impact on Young People

Leaving an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community can be particularly challenging for young people. They may have limited education and job skills, and they may not have a support network outside of their community. Footsteps offers a Young Adult Program that is specifically designed to help young people who have left ultra-Orthodox communities.

The program offers a range of services, including mentorship, career counseling, and social events. It also provides a safe space for young people to connect with others who have had similar experiences. Many young people who have participated in the Young Adult Program credit it with helping them build new lives outside of their communities.

Overall, the ex-Hasidic community is a complex and diverse group of individuals. While leaving an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community can be difficult, organizations like Footsteps are providing much-needed support and resources to those who have made this difficult transition.

Challenges and Trauma

The documentary “One Of Us” follows the lives of three individuals who attempt to leave their Hasidic community. The film reveals the challenges and trauma that they face as they try to start a new life outside the community.

Abuse is a common theme throughout the film. Etty, one of the individuals featured in the documentary, describes her former husband as abusive. She fights a custody battle for her seven children. This is made difficult by the community’s support for her former husband.

Sexual abuse is also hinted at in the film. One of the individuals featured, Ari, discusses his experiences with a rabbi who sexually abused him. He struggles to come to terms with the abuse and the community’s response to it.

Leaving the Hasidic community is dangerous, as the film reveals. The individuals featured in the documentary face harassment and threats from members of the community. They also struggle to adapt to life outside the community, as they have been sheltered from the outside world for most of their lives.

The trauma of leaving the community is also explored in the film. The individuals featured struggle with feelings of isolation and loneliness as they try to build new lives for themselves. They also struggle with the loss of their families and the support they once had.

Overall, “One Of Us” sheds light on the challenges and trauma faced by those who attempt to leave the Hasidic community. The film highlights the need for support and resources for individuals who are leaving insular communities and trying to start anew.

Netflix and Documentary Industry

Netflix’s Growth

Netflix has been a major player in the entertainment industry since its inception in 1997. Over the years, it has grown to become the world’s leading streaming service, with over 200 million subscribers worldwide as of 2021. One of the key factors behind Netflix’s growth has been its ability to produce and license a wide range of content, from TV shows and movies to documentaries.

In recent years, Netflix has invested heavily in the documentary genre, producing a number of critically acclaimed films and series. One of these is the Netflix documentary “One of Us,” which premiered in 2017. The film chronicles the lives of three ex-Hasidic Jews from Brooklyn and has been praised for its sensitive portrayal of the difficulties faced by those who leave the ultra-Orthodox community.

Competition with Other Streaming Services

While Netflix has been successful in the documentary genre, it faces stiff competition from other streaming services such as Amazon, Disney, and Apple. These companies have also invested heavily in producing original content, including documentaries, in an effort to attract subscribers.

Despite this competition, Netflix has continued to dominate the streaming market, with its subscriber growth remaining strong. In 2021, the company reported a revenue of $25 billion, up from $20 billion the previous year.

Future of One Of Us

Since its release in 2017, “One of Us” has remained popular with Netflix subscribers. However, there has been no word on whether the documentary will be renewed for a second season. This is not uncommon in the documentary genre, as many films and series are intended to be standalone projects.

That being said, the success of “One of Us” has demonstrated the potential of documentaries to engage audiences and spark important conversations. As such, it is likely that Netflix will continue to invest in the genre. It will produce more thought-provoking films and series in the years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plot of the Netflix show One of Us?

One of Us is a documentary that follows the stories of three individuals who leave the Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn, New York. The documentary explores the challenges they face in adapting to life outside the community and the personal struggles they encounter.

What happened to Ari, one of the subjects of One of Us?

Ari, one of the subjects of One of Us, is shown in the documentary struggling with addiction and trying to reconnect with his family. Since the release of the documentary, there has been no public update on his current status.

What is the largest Hasidic group in the world?

The largest Hasidic group in the world is the Satmar Hasidic group, which originated in Hungary and now has a significant presence in the United States.

What is the movie about the Hasidic Jews leaving the community?

The movie referred to is likely One of Us, which is a documentary about three individuals leaving the Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn, New York.

What is the current status of Etty Ausch’s custody battle?

Etty Ausch, one of the subjects of One of Us, was involved in a highly publicized custody battle for her children with her ex-husband. As of August 2023, there have been no updates on the status of the custody battle.

What are some criticisms of the documentary One of Us?

Some critics have argued that One of Us presents a one-sided view of the Hasidic community and does not accurately represent the experiences of all those who leave the community. Others have criticized the documentary for its portrayal of women and its failure to address issues of gender inequality within the community.


One Of Us is a powerful documentary that sheds light on the struggles of individuals who leave their Hasidic Jewish communities. The film follows the lives of three ex-members of Brooklyn’s Hasidic community: Ari Hershkowitz, Luzer Twersky, and Etty Ausch. Each of them struggles with being ostracized from their former community and families, while revealing how they came to leave.

Since the film’s release, there has been much interest in what has happened to the film’s subjects. While updates on their lives are limited, it is known that they continue to navigate the challenges of living outside their former communities.

Ari Hershkowitz has become an advocate for those who have left their Hasidic communities and has spoken publicly about his experiences. Luzer Twersky has pursued a career in acting and has appeared in several films and TV shows. Etty Ausch has continued to fight for custody of her children. She has become an advocate for those who have experienced abuse in their communities.

The film has sparked important conversations about the challenges faced by those who leave their Hasidic communities and the need for greater support for these individuals. It has also highlighted the need for greater awareness of the issues faced by those who experience abuse and harassment in religious communities.

Overall, One Of Us is a thought-provoking and important documentary that sheds light on the struggles faced by those who leave their Hasidic communities. While updates on the film’s subjects are limited, their stories continue to inspire and inform others who are navigating similar challenges.