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The Rain Season 1 on Netflix – Where Are They Now?

The Rain
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The Rain Season 1 on Netflix introduced us to a post-apocalyptic world. A deadly virus spread through raindrops, captivating viewers with its intense storyline and compelling characters. Simone and Rasmus, siblings, embarked on a risky journey to find their father, in hopes of discovering a cure.

Along the way they met other survivors, testing their resilience and determination. The show explored how relationships evolved in this devastated world. The bond between Simone and Rasmus was put to the test. Additionally, the dynamics between Martin, Lea, and Jean were also explored.

The show created suspense and tension throughout each episode. Viewers were left on edge as they followed Simone and her group’s quest for survival. Atmospheric cinematography and a haunting soundtrack added to the eerie atmosphere.

The Rain Season 1 received critical acclaim for its strong performances. Alba August and Mikkel Boe Følsgaard impressed as Simone and Rasmus respectively.

The Rain Season 1 on Netflix provided viewers with an intense and thought-provoking post-apocalyptic narrative. Memorable characters, gripping storylines, and expertly crafted atmosphere made this Danish series generate buzz among audiences worldwide.

Overview of the Show’s Storyline and Main Characters

The Rain
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The Rain Season 1, released on Netflix in 2018, was a captivating hit. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, it follows two siblings, Simone and Rasmus, on their search for their scientist dad, who holds the key to saving humanity from a virus spread via rain.

Along the way, they join forces with Martin, Beatrice, Lea and Patrick, each with different skills. Simone is the moral compass, Rasmus has a dangerous secret, Martin is a complex asset and liability, Beatrice brings intellect and resourcefulness, Lea is a medic and Patrick provides comic relief. Unexpected twists and turns keep viewers guessing until the end.

Outside the fictional world of The Rain lies another extraordinary story. In 2014, massive fires raged across Sweden’s Västmanland County during a storm. Firefighters battled the flames, risking their lives, and eventually saved thousands of people. It also reminded us of humanity’s resilience.

The Rain Season 1 is a must-watch for dystopian fans. It offers suspenseful storytelling and an unforgettable cast. So get your popcorn ready and experience a thrilling journey in a rain-soaked world where survival is everything.

A Recap of Season 1’s Plot and Key Events

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Season 1 of ‘The Rain’ was full of riveting plotlines and pivotal moments which kept viewers hooked. We were introduced to a post-apocalyptic world where a virus is spread through rainwater, leaving only a few survivors. Simone and Rasmus, siblings, search for their scientist dad and uncover secrets of the apocalypse. The show delves into themes such as survival, trust, and sacrifice.

Audiences were captivated by the relationships made among the survivors. Simone’s strong determination to protect her brother and find their dad drove the story. Alongside them were Martin, Lea, and Patrick, all with their own unique roles. They encountered rival groups and infected individuals driven mad by the virus.

‘The Rain’ explored ethical dilemmas faced by characters in this apocalypse. Surviving at any cost meant making hard decisions that were often difficult to judge. Characters questioned their own morality, as choices had big effects on others. This added complexity to the story and got viewers thinking about ethics in extreme situations.

Season 1 of ‘The Rain’ reminded us of our interconnected world. Just like on the show, diseases can spread quickly in the real world. This theme showed us how fragile life can be. However, it also demonstrated human resilience and the strength of our bonds. ‘The Rain’ left viewers eager to see what would happen in future seasons.

Current Status of the Show’s Cast Members

The current whereabouts of the cast members from the show “The Rain” have been a topic of interest. Here is an overview of the professional status of each cast member:

Cast MemberCurrent Projects
Alba AugustFilming a new movie
Lucas Lynggaard TønnesenWorking on a TV series
Mikkel FølsgaardTaking a break from acting
Iben HjejleStarring in a play
Angela BundalovicStarting a new film project

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that Alba August and Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen have gained significant popularity since their roles in “The Rain.” They continue to receive offers for various projects, indicating a promising future in the industry.

From surviving the rain to slaying new roles, these actors have dried off and moved on faster than an umbrella in a hurricane.

Actors who have moved on to other projects

The show’s actors have begun fresh projects, displaying their imagination and ability. Here are a few noteworthy changes by the cast:

  • Jennifer Anniston has taken on a lead role in an upcoming drama flick.
  • David Schwimmer has joined a theater production as the main character.
  • Lisa Kudrow is set to star in a highly anticipated comedy series.
  • Matt LeBlanc has been cast in a new sitcom with well-known actors.
  • Matthew Perry is now scripting and producing his own TV show.
  • Courteney Cox has gone into directing and will direct a thriller film.

What’s more, it is worth pointing out that these actors have skillfully moved across different platforms, displaying their multifaceted talent. They go on to enchant audiences with their remarkable skills and commitment.

Entertainment Weekly reported an intriguing twist, that Jennifer Aniston was initially offered the role of Monica Geller but chose to audition for Rachel Green instead.

Impact of The Rain Season 1 on Netflix

The Rain
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The Impact of The Rain Season 1 on Netflix has had wide-reaching effects within the streaming platform. The show’s debut generated significant viewership and sparked discussions among fans. Its unique storyline and compelling characters captivated audiences worldwide.

The Rain Season 1’s success on Netflix led to the commissioning of subsequent seasons, showcasing the show’s popularity and influence. This series marked a noteworthy milestone in Netflix’s original content library and solidified its position as a leading provider of captivating and binge-worthy television.

The Rain Season 1 left audiences drenched in excitement, much like the characters in the show trying to outrun killer raindrops, but luckily, they didn’t have to worry about bad hair days.

Audience reception and critical acclaim

The Rain Season 1 on Netflix has been welcomed with great enthusiasm from viewers and critics alike. People have lauded the gripping storytelling, complex characters, and mind-blowing plot twists.

This series enthralled its audience with its extraordinary take on a post-apocalyptic environment, where a lethal virus transmitted through rainwater devastates the population. The show successfully merges thriller, drama, and sci-fi genres, providing an enthralling story that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

One remarkable feature of The Rain Season 1 is its strong character development. Each character is thoroughly defined and makes huge progress throughout the season. From the brave and practical siblings Simone and Rasmus to the enigmatic leader Martin and the morally conflicted Jean, each character adds more depth to the storyline.

Moreover, The Rain Season 1 stands out for its superb production value. The cinematography magnificently depicts the creepy and deserted surroundings of a world devastated by the rain virus. The atmospheric soundtrack even further boosts the viewing experience, creating a feeling of tension and anxiety.

Apart from its amusement value, The Rain Season 1 also connects with people by addressing issues of survival, trust, and family bonds in extreme scenarios. It raises thought-provoking questions about human nature and societal breakdowns whilst keeping viewers captivated by its thrilling narrative.

Influence on the genre or similar TV shows

The Rain Season 1 on Netflix made huge waves in the post-apocalyptic genre. It brought many changes and innovations.

  • It stirred up suspense and mystery with its unique premise of deadly rain carrying a virus.
  • Viewers resonated with the characters and their personal growth.
  • It pushed boundaries in production quality, inspiring other productions to aim for excellence.
  • It motivated networks and streaming platforms to greenlight more projects within this genre.

Plus, it sparked conversations about environmental issues.

Surprisingly, it was initially planned as a feature film. During the development process, they decided to make it a TV series for more story exploration.

The Rain Season 1 truly left its mark. It set a new standard for storytelling, character development, and production. It also initiated discussions about important societal issues.

Future Seasons and Spin-Offs

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If the series were to continue with future seasons or spin-offs, fans might speculate in various directions. Potential storylines could delve deeper into the origins of the virus, the secret organization responsible, or the aftermath of Simone and Rasmus’ actions.

New characters and locations could be introduced, expanding the post-apocalyptic world’s scope. Spin-offs might explore side stories involving other survivors or factions struggling to survive.

Themes like power struggles, moral dilemmas, and the search for a cure could remain central. Ultimately, audiences might anticipate a blend of suspenseful drama, character development, and twists to keep the narrative engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the first season of The Rain released on Netflix?

The first season of The Rain was released on Netflix in May 2018.

Where does the story of The Rain take place?

The Rain is set in a post-apocalyptic Scandinavia.

What happened to the characters at the end of Season 1?

At the end of Season 1, some characters were separated, while others formed new alliances in their search for safety and answers.

Will there be a Season 2 of The Rain?

Yes, Netflix renewed The Rain for a second season, which premiered in May 2019.

Where can I watch The Rain Season 1 now?

The Rain Season 1 is available for streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Are the actors from The Rain Season 1 involved in any other projects?

Many of the actors from The Rain Season 1 have continued to work on other film and television projects.


The Rain Season 1 on Netflix made a strong impression on viewers. Its gripping story and characters kept people captivated. Fans were hooked by the post-apocalyptic world and the fight for survival. The show’s great performances and thought-provoking themes still affect viewers today.

The Rain Season 1 on Netflix was a hit due to its blend of mystery, action, and drama. People were pulled into the atmosphere and intense emotions of the characters. So, this fascinating mix kept audiences glued from start to finish, leaving a lasting effect.

One special element was the show’s exploration of complex moral dilemmas. It looked at how far people would go to save their loved ones in a tough world. This investigation of human nature also added layers to the story and made viewers debate what they would do.

Behind the scenes, The Rain Season 1 had interesting tales. One impressive example is the cast’s bond during filming. They created a strong sense of unity, both on and off-screen. This connection led to real performances that spoke to people around the globe.